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Liaoning Hongshan Chemical Co., Ltd.is located in Xiaochengzi Village, Dachengzi Town, Kazuo County. It was founded in 1956. Since 1971, it has started to produce civil detonator and it is the appointed civil explosive materials production company. In 1993, it has changed from collective ownership to stock cooperate system. In October 2007, it became a corperate limited enterprise……  [MORE]

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1、location advantage:Companies from the county town 5 kilometers, 2 kilometers away from the Xing Ling highway line,From "Beijing four" high speed and "101" State Road 38 kilometers,Less than 200 km from Jinzhou port and Jinzhou Airport,100 km away from……

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Add:Dachengzi Street,Kazuo County,Chaoyang City,Liaoning province Contacts:Yangguiting 0421-4805030 Zhangguoli 13842131315
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